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Duflon is a leading manufacturer of
Nozzles, Pumps and Valves & Corrossion and Purity Solutions for Global Customers

Markets Served


This product group was the original intent behind the formation of DuFlon. The founding members identified the need for high quality and reliable Nozzles used for housing SF6 gas in Electronic Circuit Breakers. Being a critical component, Nozzles manufactured undergo numerous rigorous tests and checks. DuFlon is capable of supplying Nozzles from 7.2kV up to 800kV.

Pump and Valve

After successfully supplying Nozzles to the Switchgear Industry, DuFlon gradually started supplying critical components in the Pump and Valve Industry. DuFlon manufactures various customized pump & valve components like Lined Butterfly valve (BFV) discs, BFV seats, Lined Ball valve (LBV) stem, Lined ball, Lined plug valve (LPV) plugs, LPV sleeves, LPV bodies, Diaphragm Valve components, Flush Bottom Valve components, Impeller, Lined Shafts, Pump Housing etc. also manufactures PTFE machined components such as Washers, Rings, Bellows, Diaphragms, etc. All products are Customized Parts, manufactured as per drawings and specifications of customers. These are tested at DuFlon site as well as customers’ site as per defined norms and specifications with its innovative technology and more than 30 years of experience in processing Fluoropolymers, has stood out as the “Preferred Choice of Supplier” in the Global Pump and Valve Industry.
Product Offerings:
Butterfly Valve Components
Ball Valve Components
Plug Valve Components
Diaphragm Valve Components
Pump Components
PTFE Machined Components
Rubber Components DuFlon also manufactures Elastomer Products. A dedicated Rubber Compounding facility has been setup to meet specific requirements for various applications. A team of specialist Elastomer Engineers work round the clock to meet the highest standards of quality for our customers
Machined Castings Casting is the second largest raw material for the Company. There is no pump or valve which can be produced without using a Casting. Fluoropolymer lined pumps and valves have special applications whereas unlined or bare pumps and valves are for general applications. With the aim of servicing customers better through uniform and superior products, DuFlon acquired an investment casting unit in Gujarat, India. Thus in 2010, the Machined Castings division was born. This backward integration strategy in a new vertical combined with a focused approach of serving to Pump and Valve Industry has enabled DuFlon to understand and address customer problems efficiently. Our state-of-the-art facility is highly automated with modern techniques which optimize Production Processes. With an annual capacity of 1000 Metric Tons, we have focused on producing superior quality castings in a wide range of Grades. This has helped us to build trust and confidence in our customers which are now working with us as Partners. Furthermore, with the implementation of Lost Wax Investment Casting, DuFlon has capabilities to produce complex parts near to shape. This has not only helped us to ensure On Time Delivery for our customers, but also has had a positive impact on the environment.
Butterfly Valve Disc and Body
Plug Valve Plug
Ball Valve Ball and Body

Corrosion & Purity Applications

DuFlon manufactures and markets flanged – lined pipes and fittings and equipment lining products under its flagship brand – DufLine. This Business Division was started in 2003, with just one purpose in mind: To enable customers in their quest to fight Corrosion. Lined Spools and Fittings are manufactured specifically for use in corrosive environments. Lined Piping Systems (LPS) are standard products manufactures according to ASTM, DIN, IS standards. These pipes and fittings are manufactured in full compliance with ASTM F 1545, Standard specifications for plastic lined ferrous metal pipe, fittings and flanges. DufLine products are available in a variety of steel grades and lined with fluoropolymers like PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) /PFA (Perfluoro Alkoxy) /PP (Polypropylene). DuFlon offers “TYPE Tested” products. Adhering to International Standards, DufLine products undergo rigorous inspection at various stages beginning from raw material inspection, in-process inspection, Hydro test, Spark tests, Dimension test and Visual test right up-to final manufactured product. Traceability of materials and tests conducted are also maintained. Special products such as Flow Meters are also made. To match the increasing demand for high quality Corrosion Resistant Products, DufLine has diversified further into lining of Vessels, Columns and Tanks as well as Coating Solutions.
Product Offerings:
Lined Piping Systems Lined Pipes
Elbows 45⁰
Tees Equal Tee
Reducing Tee
Short Stack Tee
Instrument Tee
45⁰ Lateral Tee
Cross Equal Cross
Short Stack Cross
Reducers Concentric Reducer
Eccentric Reducer
Flanges Reducer Flange Style – A
Reducer Flange Style – B
Blind Flange
Spectacle Blind
Expansion Joints
Dip Pipes
Equipment Lining & Coating
Flow Meter FM is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas. These are used in every industry which manufactures, handles or transports liquid or gas through pipelines. Each flow meter consists of Body and Measuring arrangement. Depending on the application, Flow Meter bodies maybe only steel or steel lined with rubber, other plastics or Fluoropolymers. DuFlon manufactures Lined Flow Meter bodies with Fluoropolymers
Other Products